Change the route map display line width

The Zumo 396 displays a colored line on the map when following a route. The default is a rather narrow line that is difficult to discern from all other road lines on the map. To increase the width of this line, use this procedure.

  1. Connect the Zumo 396 to a computer via the USB port. With a file explorer tool, navigate to Computer\zumo 396\Internal Storage\Themes\Map.
  2. Copy the file in the Map folder named Garmin.kmtf to a working folder on the computer like Downloads.
  3. Open the copied file with a text editor like Notepad.
  4. Near the end of the file, change the line
    <STYLE field = "MAP_TRK_CLR" scale = "1.00" > to ...
    <STYLE field = "MAP_TRK_CLR" scale = "2.60" >
    The "2.60" can be any number great than the default "1.00" to make the line thicker.
  5. Save the edited file.
  6. Copy the new file back to the original Map folder replacing the original.