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... and they are gone from American public life.

Principles used to matter in public life. They were applied to make decisions and often valued at least as highly as wealth gain. We have lost this. The gospel of greed has replaced them.

I'm not unique in observing the increased level of polarization, division and tribalism in current day American life. We all see this. Much has been written about it and why it is happening.

But, my continuing mental challenge has been determining what to do about it. What can I do (not just say) beyond complaining about it and blaming others for acting tribal. How can I reduce the level of polarization?

I have arrived at my formula to reduce tribalism. The three points below are my plan to reduce the "me vs. them" that I feel or speak about. If you find our current state equally troubling, and want to take action, maybe follow this formula as well.

This is about Donald Trump the person. It is not a comment about any of his policies. It is not about politics. It is not about political parties or tribes.

It is about ...

His lack of character.
His lack of skill—business or personal.
His lack of supporters among anyone that has worked with or for him—those that know him best.

I think I understand the anger and frustration many of his supporters feel.
I think I understand the positions of the current administration that his supporters disagree with.
I think I understand that many folks feel "the elites" have failed them.
I think I understand that those people feel exploited and see Trump as their savior and retribution.
I think I understand that some people believe they are loosing a culture they grew up with.

I might even agree with some of these perspectives. But you don't cut off your nose to spite your face. You don't choose Donald Trump to lead when you've already seen how he "leads". You don't solve these problems by putting a con-man in charge. You don't choose Trump after hearing everyone that has worked with him plainly warn us to never let him return to national leadership.

To help, I've summarized below what 17 people from government that worked closely with him over recent times, and two family members, have to say to us all.

When should the Constitutional prohibition on holding certain federal offices be applied?

Why is this a question at all? If there is a prohibition then it should apply right? It's an issue because of our strong desire to give supremacy to the citizens of the U.S. to select their leaders and thus protect the sanctity of the voting process. Simply, it should worry any U.S. citizen whenever a law or rule removes or limits the choice of our leadership from the democratic process. Democracy is our first principle.

When this issue first came to my attention I reacted very negatively. I dislike the idea that a rule of any kind, particularly one that few Americans were familiar with and view as a "technicality", would be the deciding factor regarding who could be our next president. But, over time, my view has changed. Let's explore.

First, the relevant portion of the Constitution.

King James Bible creation and brief history.