Welcome to the Button Family Home in the Western USA (mostly California)

This site contains stories, photos, news, maps, thoughts and other musings by, and about, the Button Family in the West (mostly California).

Most of the content is from subjects of interest to the family. That means motorcycles, travel, travel on motorcycles, aircraft, and Button family genealogy. A significant focus for many articles is reflection on previous trips, which often include route maps and pictures. Occasionally there are posts about social, philosophical, religious, or other far afield subjects when someone's interest is momentarily peaked. Thankfully that interest cools and moves on quickly.

We have also collected links (i.e., web links) to other sites on the web that are of repeated interest to us. Kind of a library of sites we use. You will find links to useful reference information, knowledge building tools, and products to purchase (for your motorcycle, to hike, or otherwise travel.)

The Genealogy area is focused on the Button family tree, mostly in the USA, and is extended as new information becomes available. The core was created from the book "Button Families of America" by Nye.

This is a family web site intended for extended family members and close friends. All others are welcome ... but may be confused.