Rhinowalk 30 Liter Moto Tail Pack

Rhinowalk offers a range of luggage products for motorcycles and bicycles. All their products are available to order directly on their website at https://rhinowalk.com/ as well as via Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

I purchased their 30 liter tail pack bag via Amazon for about $50. The same pack design also comes in 20 and 10 liter sizes. My primary use for the 30 liter has been on the rear rack of my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800XC. Nearly always I mount it across the bike with the rolltop on the right side. On two occasions I did mount it to the rear seat in line with the direction of travel so that the rolltop was pointing forward.

A few positive features of the pack:

  • straps are provided that easily attach to carry the pack as a backpack
  • a waterproof zipper on the "top" of the bag provides access to a storage pocket that could fit a tablet computer or similar sized item
  • four mounting straps are provided with midpoint metal clips that connect to provided mounting straps attached to the bike
  • the rolltop has a strap that keeps it closed along with two side straps
  • mounting points on one side of the bag enable connecting another Rhinowalk pack to it making the system expandable
  • the surface intended to go against the motorcycle has a rubberized material that reduces movement
  • the pack has an inner liner zipped into the pack, which is a light color making for easy sight of items in the pack

Overall it is rather easy to pack the bag through the rolltop, compress the result, roll down the closure, and clip the three straps to close it. I did do some all day riding in the rain and found that the pack was fully waterproof. Not a drop got into the interior.

A significant advantage to the Rhinowalk mounting straps is the metal clip about at the midpoint. That makes it quick and easy to remove the bag by lessening the tension then un-clipping each strap.

However, particularly when I mounted the bag along the direction of travel, it was rather (too) easy for the tension on a strap to lessen as the load shifted in the bag resulting in the metal clip disconnecting while I was riding. As there are a total of four, loosing one did not enable the pack to move or come off the bike but it was disconcerting. This never happened when I mounted the bag across the bike. I think this was primarily as my pressing rearward on the pack, along with air pressure from forward movement pushing on it, maintained tension on the straps at all times.

Similar to other brands

Many of Rhinowalk's products appear to be very similar to well known brands but are often priced significantly less. In this case a very similar product would be the Kriega US-30 Drypack, which, on their website, sells for $225.99 or about four times more expensive. Please be aware that I do not have a Kriega pack to provide a direct comparison but am at least somewhat familiar with the product. I did inspect the Kriega's straps in a store. They have a similar metal clip, which I find are less likely to become disconnected with low tension. I don't know for sure but just my observation.

I would also say the Kriega appears to be made from thicker materials. I have no durability or longevity evaluation of either pack.


Other than the one clip issue described above, I am very pleased with the Rhinowalk pack. It is easy to pack, easy to mount and remove from the bike each day, very waterproof and provides a reasonable amount of space. A good value. I would buy it again and likely will buy other packs in their product line as needed.