For more than 25 years, together with a few friends and family members, I hosted a motorcycle weekend in the Paso Robles California area. These started as a weekend event under the auspices of the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA) in California but in the later years became a personal event not associated with the MSTA. Finally in 2016 I hosted my last event. One result of hosting all these events is a collection of attractive ride routes around the Paso area.

I have collected GPS tracks from many of these weekend ride events and created map pages. Each link below is one of these routes. I've attempted to summarize each with the motorcycle related highlights. GPX files for each view is available to download on the map page menu located in the upper right corner. That same menu can display a track elevation profile.

Hopefully you find these routes useful to plan your own ride in the area. Come enjoy Paso and do some riding on the best collection of roads in California.

paso2007parkfield - Paso Robles 2007 Parkfield Cafe

Parkfield Cafe
  1. California highway 229, one of the most spectacular riding roads in the state,
  2. highway 58 winding east towards the Carrizo Plain,
  3. Shell Creek Rd known for huge wild flower displays in the spring, particularly after a wet winter,
  4. Parkfield the earthquake capital of the world,
  5. Vineyard Canyon Rd a twisty lightly traveled road,
  6. Hare Canyon Rd a little known and traveled narrow canyon road,
  7. G19 and G14 beautiful sweeping turns and elevation changes near Nacimiento Lake.

paso2008loadingchute - Paso Robles 2008 Loading Chute

  1. Nacimiento Lake drive, which becomes Chimney Rock Road, elevation changes, constant turns, how much more perfect could this road be? BTW, if you skip the turn on the map and continue on Chimney Rock, it continues to be fantastic and will eventually dead end, no problem just turn around and ride it again,
  2. Adelaida Road takes you through the heart of vineyards and wineries on the west side of Paso,
  3. Vineyard Drive is more of the same, be careful of the tourists enjoying the local liquid products,
  4. Peachy Canyon Road is possibly the most number of continuous turns you can find in the area as you travel a canyon then over the hill,
  5. after cutting through the city on the south side missing most of the traffic, enjoy a few back roads leading to California highway 41,
  6. just past the Creston turn is La Panza Road that passes through some farm and ranch country delivering you to California highway 58,
  7. Huer Huero Road can be a bit rough in places but worth it with many turns,
  8. Parkhill Road is a bit more open but provides enough turns to avoid boredom,
  9. a short part of CA 58 gets you to California highway 229, one of the best motorcycle roads in the state, and you are setup to ride south-to-north the best direction with a steady climb,
  10. finish up on Creston Road to return to Paso Robles.

paso2009redscooterdeli - Paso Robles 2009 Red Scooter Deli

sidecars in the Paso Robles park
  1. a near repeat of the paso2007parkfield route with a few shortcuts, this year we need to get back to the Paso Robles downtown park in time for the "Sidecars in the Park" event,
  2. O'Donovan Road is an alternative to get from Creston to CA 58,
  3. Shell Creek Road to enjoy the spring time desert flowers blooming,
  4. Cholame Valley Road leads from CA 46 to Parkfield, don't forget to visit James Dean's memorial on 46 a bit before the turn,
  5. Vineyard Road back towards Paso,
  6. Indian Valley and Hare Canyon Roads form a fun northern loop,
  7. G14 and G19 are pleasant ways to get back into downtown Paso relatively quickly.

paso2010loadingchute - Paso Robles 2010 Loading Chute

  1. leave downtown following a series of east side rural roads blessed with turns and elevation changes through some vineyards,
  2. after a run up the hill on CA 41, arrive in Creston, in the small town, turn onto O'Donovan Road and follow to the end at CA 58,
  3. after a short westbound trip on CA 58, turn onto Huer Huero Road, follow to the end then left onto Parkhill Road,
  4. follow Parkhill's many turns until it becomes Pozo Road,
  5. along Pozo Road to the west watch for the historic Pozo Saloon, if it is open stop in for a drink for burger,
  6. turn right at the intersection with Las Pilitas Road headed east,
  7. arriving back at Parkhill Road, turn left following it north-west opposite your previous travel,
  8. Parkhill Road ends at CA 58, turn right on 58 for a short distance to turn left onto fabulous CA 229,
  9. after CA 229, you'll need a break so as you arrive in Creston, stop into the Loading Chute for lunch,
  10. after lunch head north to CA 41 then turn left to Atascadero to stop for fuel,
  11. reverse course and return on CA 41 enjoying the turns, canyon and elevation changes to Shandon just short of CA 46,
  12. Shandon San Juan Road on the east side of Shandon can be a bit hard to locate, turn south onto the road,
  13. a short distance out of Shandon, turn right onto Shell Creek Road, which is famous for extensive wild flowers in the spring season,
  14. Shell Creek Road ends on CA 58, right turn westbound leads to La Panza Road, turn right towards the north-west,
  15. left onto CA 41 brings you back down the hill and just before Atascadero turn right onto Templeton Road,
  16. On Templeton you are back in the vineyard area, the road ends at Vineyard Road where you turn left,
  17. Vineyard goes past the small town of Templeton (if you need fuel turn north into town),
  18. Vineyard Road leads you to Peachy Canyon Road, which is a very twisty road through a canyon and over the hill into Paso downtown.

paso2011mainstgrill - Paso Robles 2011 Main Street Grill, lunch in Cambria

paso2012estrella - Paso Robles 2012 Estrella Warbirds Museum

paso2014wildhorse - Paso Robles 2014 Wildhorse Cafe

paso2015wildhorse - Paso Robles 2015 Wildhorse Cafe

paso2016jackranchcafe - Paso Robles 2016 Jack Ranch Cafe

Pozo Saloon
  1. a short run south on the 101 leads to CA 58,
  2. Huer Huero can be a bit rough but worth it with many turns and elevation changes without traffic,
  3. Parkhill Road leads you on a southern loop, just before the historic Pozo Saloon the road become Pozo Road,
  4. Las Pilitas Road shows you some ranch country as you head back east to complete the loop,
  5. reconnecting to Park Hill Road will bring you back to CA 58,
  6. a few CA 58 corners to the east to CA 229, one of the best roads you'll ever ride,
  7. after the small town of Creston, east onto CA 41 has the best part of the highway ahead,
  8. east onto CA 46 is a short break on a major highway then Jack Ranch Cafe for some lunch, their parking area includes the James Dean memorial,
  9. Cholame Valley Road delivers you to Parkfield for a short break,
  10. Vineyard Road returns west to Highway 101 in San Miguel,
  11. San Marcos Road is a short but fun ranch road with some unique dips,
  12. Nacimiento Lake Drive provides a short connection to Chimney Rock Road another of the best motorcycle roads in California, consider continuing all the way to the dead end on Chimney Rock then turn around and do it again the other way,
  13. Adelaida Road shows you a small part of the west-side winery area before arrival in back in the town of Paso Robles.