I maintain a base set of waypoints and tracks for my GPS navigator that are useful when travelling in Baja Mexico. Often I start with this base set then add the waypoints, tracks and routes specific to a trip to create the plan that I load into the GPS for a Baja trip.

With each trip, I seem to find both new items to add to the map and changes to existing spots. For example, recently I've noticed that a number of Pemex fuel stations have changed to Chevron. For many years Pemex, the national brand, was the only fuel available but I guess private companies can now enter the market1. Most of the Chevons I've seen have replaced what were Pemex stations. I've been updating these as I come across them.

Here is a map with my current base set of points and paths. You might find it helpful on your next Baja trip. Open the map as a separate page.

1 Days are numbered for Pemex's gas station monopoly, bnamericas, March 16, 2016.
More Mexican fuel stations leave Pemex brand, Argus, 28 February 2019.