Nate and John on a trail break

John and two riding partners, Dan Colson and Nader Saca, returned to Baja. On this trip we road much further down into the peninsula--about half the distance to the end. We did many miles of off-road, stopped at the most famous dirt biker spots (Mike's Sky Rancho , Coco's Corner , Alfonsina's ), and saw whales up close and personal (about 2 feet from us!). A great ride. Photos.

For reference, to contact Alfonsina's either call Joquin in Tijuana (his grandma is Alfonsina) 01152-664-64-81951 and make your reservation. He speaks perfect English. Or, call Rancho Grande (01151-555-15-14065) They are about 1/2 mile away from the hotel and have gas, store, and sat. phone. You'll need to let them know the night you want to stay at Alfonsinas, then call them back after about 20 minutes so they can radio to the hotel about availability.