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Dec 11, 2019 Update

Major surgery completed! In recovery.

Entered Sharp Memorial this morning, 12/11, at 9 am. It's been a full day. Operation ran over four hours. The external fixation was completely removed and internal installed. Yeah!

Strong pain but well medicated for that. I'll have an opportunity to speak with the surgeon tomorrow and learn the details. His expectation is two to three days recovery in the hospital.


After discussion with the surgeon, he confirmed a good result. From his perspective it was challenging but he believes the bones are well assembled. The primary parts are a plate the full length of the tibia with a right angle tab near the ankle end. Inside the tibia he placed a rod then multiple screws holding the plate and rod in place.

The leg does feel like one piece again in a way it did not under fixation for the past few weeks.


It's Dec 13th, and I'm getting out. Good progress with the leg and I've been mobile around the room on crutches. Headed for Paso to recover and enjoy the holidays.

Thank you to everyone for the kind thoughts and inquiries.