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On the day of the crash I was wearing—for the first time—a pair of new Farm to Feet Ansonville socks. I like them very much. Since then I've gone on to purchase a number of pairs in differing designs and thickness.

But, on the scene of the crash, one of the few items the EMT cut off me was my left Ansonville sock—after just a few hours of use. The surviving Ansonville on my right foot came home from the hospital and has been waiting patiently in a drawer for a partner.

As Farm to Feet offers a strong guarantee, I wrote them a request to explain my accident and loss of left sock. I asked that they replace my destroyed left sock so that the right sock would feel complete again. Farm to Feet sent me a pair.

Farm to Feet Ansonville

While I could not be more pleased with the company, and will enjoy wearing them for many riding miles, I'm sad that I still have a single lonely sock. Maybe you have ideas to help my one nearly new right foot sock feel complete again.