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Feb 25, 2020 Update

No pictures, just good news! I can walk!!

Visited the surgeon today. He reviewed the previous day's x-rays, checked the date (more than ten weeks after surgery), and looked over the leg. I'm cleared to start walking—okay, so at least putting weight on the leg. I did so immediately there in the office with the help of my crutches to "save" me but with all the normal weight on the leg(s).

Of course, the left leg is weak after four months of just dangling from my hip, my left foot is partially numb, and the foot hurts a bit when load is placed on it—but I can walk.

He estimated two weeks of using crutches as an aid then maybe a cane for a while before I walk reliably without assistance. I can expect a sore ankle each day as load is applied.

Lots of physical therapy to go and one more visit to the surgeon in four weeks before he declares me "done".

Surprisingly, there is no medical standard for how many weeks until I can ride a motorcycle again!?! By end of April 2020 is my goal.