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We flew into Cali, a city in southern Colombia where Motolombia has their headquarters, on Thursday 14 Jan, for a few day stay. Our plan was to tour the city as we adjust to the weather and time changes before starting the moto tour. Cali is about 200 miles north of the equator. Quite tropical. January might be a bit cooler, but more importantly, it's the dry season.

It's been comfortably warm and humid, which is harsh on us dry-air westerners. The city is interesting to walk around. There's a river through the middle with a park on each side. Many pedestrian only bridges enable crossing the river as you walk along the banks.

We've seen COVID testing stations setup around the downtown. Each has long lines. The central mall requires hand sanitizer and use of an outdoor hand wash station before entry--enforced by a pleasant but armed guard. Everyone always wears masks everywhere—even while walking along the sidewalk. Distancing and masks are universal.

Unfortunately, this weekend the city is in partial "lock down" to control COVID spread. Museums that we'd like to visit are not open and restaurants are open only for takeaway. 

Our hotel is quite nice with a number of outside lounge spaces, a restaurant, and a comfortable air-conditioned room, so we are not suffering.

Monday, 18 Jan is "pickup the moto" day. Then, we'll pack our stuff on-board ready to start the ride first thing Tuesday morning. More after we ride.