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Still plenty of time to prepare but we are getting much closer. Fall's here. The Christmas shopping season is just six weeks away.

As we head into the Fall season, I thought it would be a good time to check-in with everyone and provide a few longish-term reminders. So, get those long-lead items squared away--major bike maintenance, select replacement riding gear, take care of any title issues and schedule the time off at work.

We're up to 12 people/bikes planning to make the trip, including me. A good group!

Please read the Baja 2010: Way Advanced Planning above if you haven't already.

A few reminders:

  • Passport. If you haven't already taken care of this from the last preparation e-mail, then get to it! The processing seems to be running about 6 weeks right now so you have time. But, please don't wait. This will stop you from going. There can be problems getting the passport that need resolution so now's the time.
  • Language. How's the Spanish coming? You can absolutely get by without it. But a little Spanish goes a long way. I, and the locals, will be entertained by the incorrect words and poor pronunciation. Besides, why should I be the only one mangling the language. My suggestion is Coffee Break Spanish. You can download their podcasts for free. A fun way to learn a bit over time.
  • AND ... remember this trip is in no way an organized, sponsored, or lead event. I take no responsibility for any of you trouble makers. I will share my preparation suggestions, route, previous Baja experience and act as all Good Samaritans should by helping as much as possible if I see you having trouble. I might even buy you a cerveza or point you away from the bar if you've already had too many, but I'm not the leader.

Control your excitement and enjoy the Fall. I'll be back with everyone after New Year's with the final preparation items and packing suggestions. I'm ready to RIDE!