CDT = Continental Divide Trail. This is a route across the United States of America that stretches from Canada to Mexico along the geographic Continental Divide as closely as possible. And, I decided to ride it on a motorcycle.

On the trail near the CO-WY border

First developed as a hiking and off-road bicycle trail, a few years ago, some enterprising motorcyclists developed a mostly off-road riding route that uses the hiking trail where possible. Along with a few other riding friends, we've been interested in riding this route for some years. Turns out 2019 is THE year!

To get a better idea of the route plan, take a look at my planned path, read about the hiking trail, or review a site that includes a ride report and maps.

A lot of logistical planning went into the trip, which included loading all the motorcycles into a rental truck, encouraging one of our team to drive it to Missoula, MT, then for the remainder of us—now seven in total—to fly in and meet up with the truck.

After a day allocated to a side trip around and through Glacier National Park, beginning on July 22nd, we left Missoula and road the route travelling north to south. With just two weeks allocated to the trip, I exhausted my available time when we were in mid-Colorado, then I turned for home using highways to get home as soon as possible leaving the others to continue on.

Abandoned mine in Montana

Here's where you can see a few pictures from the trip and my actual travel track. What a great trip!