We provide a service catered to motorcycling enthusiasts from around the world who love and appreciate the beauty of riding in Europe.

For over 20 years we have been providing our customers with quality rentals of a variety of BMW motorcycles from early boxers to the latest models. Along with the motorcycles, we can assist you with acquiring the necessary Green Card insurance, road assistance, and health insurance as you require.

Or if you have your own motorcycle and want to ride it here in Europe, we specialize in transporting your bike in securely crated containers by both sea and air. Once here in Heidelberg Germany, we also have a large fully protected storage facility on-site if you wish to keep your bike in Europe.

And when you arrive here after the flight from home, or if you’re back from the end of your trip, we warmly welcome you to stay in our Bed & Breakfast home on the premises.

For orders to be delivered to Knopf:
Stefan Knopf
Hardtstraße 78
69124 Heidelberg

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