The best 12v inflators on the planet.

We are a family of riders in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY.  The original MotoPump was built in 2005 after I had 3 flat tires within a six week span of time.  One of the flats happened on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, two up, fully loaded, on a weekend.  After getting flatbedded to a dealer, and spending half a day waiting for the tire to be replaced, we rode away with a $380 bill and a significantly shortened tour.  I decided at that point that I was going to be self sufficient. 

When we got home, I started working on making a small but powerful 12v inflator and tire plugging kit that I would always have with me.  The MotoPump was born.  After showing it to a few fellow riders and being urged to build and sell them, I decided to to just that.  6000+ hand built pumps later has designed and introduced the MotoPumps Mini Pro and then the MotoPumps Air Shot. They are the most compact, advanced and feature filled pumps on the market!  We have partnered with Dynaplug, because we tried and uses their tubeless tire plugging tools and think they are the best out there. Everything we sell, we either created or rely on ourselves, on our own bikes, cars and vans.  There is no better endorsement than that!