Boeing 747 A History
Boeing 747 A History

Author: Martin W. Bowman

They say...

A comprehensive history of the aircraft that transformed commercial aviation. Includes photos.

A presence in our skies for over half a century, the iconic Boeing 747 has transported hundreds of thousands of passengers across the world. From its introduction with Pan American Airlines in 1970, it has persevered as one of the forerunners of commercial flight. Often labeled the "Queen of the Skies," this is an aircraft revered by passengers and aircrew alike.

The first wide-body airliner ever produced, it has set new standards in air travel and opened up the air routes of the world to vast numbers of people who might otherwise have been unable to afford international air travel.

I say...

It's what "they say". A solid description of the conception, design, build, versions and notable usage along with accidents of the Boeing 747. Relatively dry reading unless you love aircraft or, like me, very specifically the 747. The impact of the existence of this plane was significant on the 11-year old me. Later in 1977, as a new Navy Aeronautical Engineer, I performed technical analysis on the 747 for military programs. Later, I few on nearly every passenger model including back-to-back flights on the 747-8 and A380 to compare the experience. These best of the jumbo jets to date. We will not see the like of them again soon.