How Apollo Flew to the Moon

Author: W. David Woods

They say...

This new and expanded edition of the bestselling How Apollo Flew to the Moon tells the exciting story of how the Apollo missions were conducted and follows a virtual flight to the Moon and back. From launch to splashdown, hitch a ride in the incredible Apollo spaceships, the most sophisticated machines of their time.

I say...

Such a great book! If you ever wanted to know the details of how it all worked, this is your book.

The book includes a basic description of orbital mechanics so that you can understand the book's details of each maneuver the space craft(s) performed. An appendix lists all the "P" programs loaded into the Apollo CM computer with their purpose. These are just examples of the very complete engineering details included in the book.

Such a huge part of why I became an aerospace engineer, Apollo, and the entire space exploration program, was endlessly fascinating to me as a kid. I read everything written about the program, wrote letters to NASA requesting information then consumed what was provided in detail, and built models to learn vehicle specifics. This book filled in all those precise details that I was seeking.

Don't read it if you are looking for a "story" but do if you want to understand the engineering at each step of the flight. If these is a better source, I've not found it.