Baptism between February 22, 1634 and February 22, 1635 28 41 (aged 1 year)

Death of a motherLettyce
before 1639 (aged 4 years)
Birth of a half-sisterSarah Button
between 1650 and 1651 (aged 16 years)

Birth of a half-sisterHannah Button
May 11, 1652 (aged 18 years)

Birth of a half-brotherDaniel Button
April 10, 1654 (aged 20 years)
Birth of a half-sisterAbigail Button
June 16, 1656 (aged 22 years)

Birth of a half-brotherMatthias Button II
March 17, 1657/58 CE (March 27, 1658) (aged 24 years)
Birth of a half-brotherPeter Button
July 17, 1660 (aged 26 years)
Birth of a half-sisterPatience Button
June 1, 1662 (aged 28 years)

Death of a half-sisterPatience Button
October 30, 1662 (aged 28 years)

Birth of a half-sisterElizabeth Button
after 1663 (aged 28 years)

Death of a half-sisterAbigail Button
April 1667 (aged 33 years)

Death of a fatherMatthias Peter Button Sr
August 13, 1672 (aged 38 years)
Death of a half-brotherDaniel Button
September 18, 1675 (aged 41 years)
Cause: Prince Philip War
Citation details: Page 108

List of Lothrop's Company killed at Bloody Brook includes Daniel Button of Newberry.

Citation details: Chapter Fourteen, "The God of Armies"

Captain Thomas Lathrop, sixty-five, was escorting seventy-nine evacuees from the town of Deerfield. They were about to ford a small stream when several of the soldiers laid their guns aside to gather some ripe autumn grapes. At that moment, hundreds of Indians burst out of the undergrowth. Fifty-seven English were killed, turning the brown waters of what was known as Muddy Brook bright red with gore. From then on, the stream was called Bloody Brook. For the Indians, it was an astonishingly easy triumph. "€œ[T]he heathen were wonderfully animated,"€ Increase Mather wrote, "€œsome of them triumphing and saying, that so great a slaughter was never known, and indeed in their wars one with another, the like hath rarely been heard of." But the fighting was not over yet.

Death of a half-sisterHannah Button
1676 (aged 41 years)

Note: She was included in her father's will so must have been alive when he died in 1676.
Death of a half-sisterElizabeth Button
December 20, 1677 (aged 43 years)

Death of a half-sisterSarah Button
1690 (aged 55 years)
Death of a sisterMary Button
1708 (aged 73 years)
Death of a half-brotherMatthias Button II
1725 (aged 90 years)
Cause: epidemic of some sort
Note: In 1725 an epidemic of some sort hit the town and so many people were sick that neighboring towns ha…

In 1725 an epidemic of some sort hit the town and so many people were sick that neighboring towns had to be called upon for help. Many of the town's leading citizens died, including Matthias Button.

Death of a half-brotherPeter Button
between January 1, 1726 and December 31, 1727 (aged 93 years)
Burial of a half-brotherPeter Button
October 11, 1726 (aged 92 years)
Address: River Bend Cemetery