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If the network hardware or virtual environment (NIC) changes mac number Ubuntu will reserve the prevously used device name and assign the next higher device number to the "new" hardware.

For example, a machine with one NIC assigned eth0 changes the NIC hardware. On the next reboot, Ubuntu will reserve eth0 for the missing hardware and assign the new NIC as eth1.

To fix this and reset Ubuntu's memory so that the new hardware is assigned eth0, remove the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules where the assignments are recorded.

Most Adobe Flash applications that have a fullscreen mode will exit back to their original in-webpage state when the fullscreen window looses the focus (or is not the active window). This is fine on a single monitor setup but a real pain on a dual or multi-monitor system. Often the user would like to watch a Flash based movie on one monitor (e.g., Youtube) and continue working (e.g., browse the web) on another.

Two common Linux based firewall systems that I have used are IPCop and IPFire. IPCop appears to be no longer a going project. IPFire appears to be based on either IPCop or it is a fork of IPCop but I'm not sure. IPFire is a going project with regular updates, new add-ons and growth. Both have local domain name systems (DNS) used to gather domain information and cache it locally for the benefit of the system inside, or on the green network, of the firewall. Each uses a different solution but with each there is a need from time-to-time where you'd like to flush the local DNS cache. Procedures to do so are shown below.

These are specified in RFC1597 and are as follows:

Reserved Private Network Allocations
Network Class  Netmask  Network Address 
A -
B -
C -

To test an IMAP server using Telnet (expected server responses in italics):

telnet 143
* OK IMAP4rev1 v12.202 server ready
0 login username password
0 OK [capabilities list] logged in
0 logout
* BYE logging out

If you receive the expected responses you have confirmed the IMAP server is functioning and accepting your account authentication.