Ionut (John) Florea & Ana Hogas. Ana & Jon motorcycled or cycled to 77 countries on 3 continents, in a quest to see the world as it is.

We are John and Ana, and for us, this ride is not a race. We travel by motorcycle and live in a 4 sqm tent. We love to travel to remote places, meet people, eat daunting meals, take photos, and share our experiences with you.

From June 2011 to August 2012 we toured Africa for 14 months and 55,000 km across 29 countries. This adventure is part of the on-going journey we like to call Into The World. Since our return we exhibited our photographs, spoke about our travels to a wide audience, and contributed to several publications. In 2013 we have released Part 1 of “Crazy Oyibo”, an ebook about our African trip. Download it, and then support the release of the entire story on paperback.