Computers and information management topics

A properly formed URL can instruct Piwigo to generate a re-sized image. The structure is as follows:

piwigo/i.php?/galleries/{path to album}/{image file name}-{size code}.jpg

Size codes are as follows:

Size code Resulting size
2s extra extra small xxs
xs extra small xs
sm small s
me medium m
la large l
xl extra large xl
xx extra extra large xxl
Special sizes
th thumbnail
sq square

Example to generate an extra extra small image:



Re-format text blocks to wrap to a fixed character width

  1. Set the text width in characters :set textwidth=80
  2. Select the lines of text you want to re-format v to use visual selection
  3. Reformat gq
  4. To reformat a single paragraph without selecting it first {gq}

Favorite monitoring applications and system tools.

bmon - bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. bmon provides a graphical display of transmit and receive volume on a console.

glances - a broad overview of system performance. glances provides CPU, process, IO and network performance indicators in a single console view.

htop - configurable summary of processor, memory and process performance on a console.

In the home page of the frontend site, add ?tp=1 to the URL to show the module positions on the page.

A few useful classes to use in Joomla (at least in the Protostar template).

  • Menu horizontal rather than vertical
    • nav-pills
  • Figures and images
    • pull-left
    • pull-right
    • <div style="clear: both;"> </div> (not a class but useful)
  • Images
    • img-rounded
    • img-polaroid
    • img-circle
  • Tables
    • table-condensed
    • table-bordered
    • table-striped
    • table-hover
  • Lists
    • unstyled
    • list-condensed
    • list-striped
    • list-bordered
  • Responsive
    • visible-phone - visible for 767px screens and below
    • visible-tablet - visible for 979px to 768px screens
    • visible-desktop - visible for 980px screens and up
    • hidden-phone - hidden for 767px screens and below
    • hidden-tablet - hidden for 979px to 768px screens
    • hidden-desktop - hidden for 980px screens and up