Two wheels and a motor ... or mobile life

With the continuing COVID travel restrictions still in place, we set off on another social distancing USA motorcycle tour. This time a late March visit to Arizona on the, new to us, Kawasaki Versys 1000LT.

This turned out to be, on average, the coldest that I've ever experienced in southern Arizona. But, as you've no doubt heard, there is no too cold only poor choices in clothing, which we do not make. Enjoyed the trip.

See pictures here.

And the route map here.

We are off to the east coast. Hopefully that will include significant time in Canada visiting PEI and Nova Scotia. But, as of 17 Jun, Americans cannot visit Canada for tourism. Maybe that will change before we get to Sault St Marie, which is our intended entry point into Canada.

If not, we will enjoy the better part of a month riding in New England. First up is riding from Paso to Great Falls Montana for the BMW MOA Rally. Typically, that means about 5,000 motorcycles in one little Montana town. Amazing to see. We will stay there about four days before heading east.

Magdalena beach cottage

This was a bit longer ride focused on southern Baja in February. Part of my pandemic motorcycle social distancing campaign.

On this trip we went to Magdalena Bay for whale watching—a first. Then over to Loreto for a multi-day stay on the main square. Did some boating on the Loreto Bay with our friend Rick, who has a winter home there.

For the trip in pictures, go here. For a map of the route, go here.

We have been wanting to ride motorcycles in South America for many years now. Finally the time has come! Colombia will be the first country to visit.