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Articles - Motorcycles
Written by John Button   
Thursday, December 15 2011 19:09

After the topic of hobbies, travel or motorcycles is introduced into a conversation, and I explain my habit of riding to far off places, the next question I'm asked is, "Where have you ridden?"

The answer is a long list. Many roads, destinations and experiences. I believe a better answer is to show the places I've been.

As with any trip, there are two answers to such a question. First, you can talk about destinations, which is how most people talk about travel. Here's a map representing my destinations that shows all the states I've ridden to. States I've not yet visited by motorcycle are shown in grey.

U.S. States Visited by Motorcycle
U.S. States Visited by Motorcycle

But, second, you can answer by describing the routes and roads traveled. One of the compelling reasons to travel by motorcycle rather than plane, train or car is that often the trip is about the journey more than it is about the destination. The route is nearly always the fundamental and real answer to the "Where have you been?" question for motorcycle travelers.

I've found the only way to answer with any sense of completeness is to once again show a map. So, I've created, and plan to maintain, a map that shows the (major) routes I've passed over. This leaves out my riding in other countries (at least for now) but does cover the vast majority of my time on the road. The blue lines on the map are all the places my wheels have traveled.

Major U.S. Routes Traveled by Motorcycle
Major U.S. Routes Traveled by Motorcycle
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