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IPCop Install from USB Print
Articles - Computing
Monday, April 06 2009 10:26

IPCop can be copied to a USB drive that is then used to boot and install IPCop onto a computer. Particularly useful approach for computers that have no floppy or CD (i.e., new very small low-power bare-bones machines that make great firewalls).

Three different usb images are available to boot from usb as some bios may boot with one format and not others:

  • fdd is an unpartionned usb key
  • hdd is partionned like an hard disk
  • zip is partionned like a zip (work with real usb zip device too)

To copy an usb image to an usb key (minimal size 64 MB), under Liinux, read what letter the system give to that key ( cat /proc/partitions | grep sd or df ) and copy to that device with zcat (the-file) >/dev/sd(letter) without a partition number. Don't forget the '>' or the output will go to the console.

To copy under Windows, you could uncompress the file and use winimage (shareware).

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